April Fool’s BrownEs

So, for those of you who know me, definitely know the following two things about me: 1.) I have a love for baking and 2.) I will do just about anything for a good laugh.  In light of those two little facts, I decided to have some fun with my co-workers on this fine April Fool’s Day! I made BrownEs to take to work with me. I made sure that I let them know I was bringing brownies to work with me the night before…did all of their mouths start watering? Of course they did! Did I feel a little bit sad afterward? Not really…okay, except for once. But that was only because I forgot that I was supposed to be at work at 9 pm and at 9:15 a coworker called to see if I was coming in. My manager said I had better make sure to bring my goodies in. Since I was running late, I didn’t want to stop, so I showed up with the BrownEs that I had already made.  I am not going to give you the recipe, because once you see them, I am sure you will all be able to figure out exactly how they were made. Needless to say, they definitely served their purpose and I am sure some of them even made it home to unsuspecting family members. So, here ya go!!!!






Needless to say, I will be making some edible homemade brownies in the near future…and no, not the magic brownies!



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